7101 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA
7101 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208 US

Headquartered in the Pittsburgh area, Bettis Brothers Sand & Gravel (BBSG) has a strong commitment to economic and community development in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Founded in August of 2017 by brothers John & Jerome Bettis, BBSG has quickly become an multi-million-dollar corporation within its first year of existence by being a pioneer in the oil and gas industry.

In our first year of operation, BBSG emerged as a prime (tier-1) supplier for the largest natural gas exploration and production company in the USA. Through a strategic partnership, BBSG established Integrserv LLC, a best in class, full service trucking & logistics company servicing Northeast & Southwest Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.

We have continued our expansion in the second quarter of 2018, by offering new products and services that answer the question: Is it possible? Our innovative approach to improving existing problems have set us apart from our competition. Whether it’s working with Last Mile solution providers to improve efficiencies and reduce cost or building well pads and pipelines, BBSG holds the key.

Our rapid expansion in the industry earned BBSG “The Innovative Spirit” Award at the 2018 EMSDC Stellar Award Luncheon this past March. Through our strong partnerships, vast network of resources, and deep community roots BBSG has made great strides towards becoming a major industry player.

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Certified Minority Business Enterprise

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