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7107 Race St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, USA
7107 Race Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208 US
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Slum Lord

Dante Works is a slum Lord.  He over charges veterans to live in a very low income crime invested neighborhood.  The house isn’t insulated so its freezing in the house.  An he doesn’t allow veterans to have little fan heaters.  You can’t even leave a light on or he will come over an scream at you and will throw the electric bill in your face like he doesn’t already charge you for it.  He also has cameras all over the house so you have no privacy.  He still thinks he’s a parole officer an treats vets like parolees.  All he cares about is money he doesn’t care or respect veterans.  Your not even allowed to have company over.  The place is like living in a half way house, you actually might get treated better there.  So warning to all Veterans do not go there, I repeat do not go there….

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